Latest work and spring sunshine

The garden is bathed in sunshine this morning as – halfway through April – spring has finally arrived!

It’s a season that always brings plenty of renewal and rebirth for us humans as well as plants and animals – I’m already feeling drawn to the great outdoors to rid myself of the winter cobwebs, and to explore, discover and learn.

I have, however, already been traversing the British Isles from my desk this year, through my folklore series for LandLove magazine. It’s given me the opportunity to share some of my favourite stories and magical places – as well as plan for future trips of my own!

In the May issue, which is now available, my focus is on tales of hidden treasure from the UK and Ireland, along with the strange tasks that can be associated with its retrieval, and the supernatural or animal guardians that are often said to watch over it.

Today, I get started on production of the summer issue of Voyage, so my sunny outlook is set to continue for the week!

Spring wishes to all.